Initially, the Science, Technology, and Industry Collection will provide broad coverage of a critical mass of publisher-produced digital information in the health, life, and physical sciences, and engineering.  To develop its charter collection, the CDL hopes to license or acquire access to over 1,000 science journals in electronic format by the end of 1999.  In later phases it will include UC-produced technical reports, patents, preprints and data sets, and other important digital information resources.

Recognizing that both funds for acquiring electronic content and experience with providing access to digital collections are limited, the STIC Task Force has adopted the following collection strategy:

  1. To quickly develop the critical mass that past experience suggests is required for faculty acceptance, include, at the outset, high quality journal literature from those publishers who provide coverage of a broad range of disciplines from the life, health, and physical sciences and engineering
  2. To begin to create the in-depth collections that are to be a feature of the CDL, add additional journal literature in selected areas as funds permit and as content becomes available.  In order to attract industry partners, begin with two of the areas that the University has identified for industry outreach: biotechnology and computer science (information technology).
  3. To allow STIC to serve as a laboratory for learning and planning for future CDL collections, gradually add other types of content.  Formats other than electronic journals or monographs present a variety of challenging issues; we have much less experience in identifying this literature or in constructing models for service and access.  To facilitate our discussion of these issues, we recommend focusing our initial efforts to include other types of content again in the two areas the University has identified for industry outreach: biotechnology and computer science.
  4. The STIC Task Force, working with campus contacts, has identified publishers to target for the initial collection.   A complete list of publishers can be found at: []. Negotiations to add content from these publishers are underway.

STIC Task Force Members

Alison Bunting, UCLA (
Beverlee French, CDL (formerly UCD) ( — this email address will change)
Susan Starr, CDL/UCSD (

STIC Campus Contacts

Charlene Baldwin, UCR (
Jo Anne Boorkman, UCD (
Katie Frohmberg, UCB (
Julia Gelfand, UCI (
Christy Hightower, UCSD (
Chuck Huber, UCSB (
Catherine Soehner, UCSC (
Brian Warling, UCSF (