As a “co-library” with the nine campus libraries, the CDL has responsibility for developing a statewide digital collection to serve the University’s common and specialized information needs.  The CDL will also provide new services and extend existing ones to guide our libraries in the transition to successful integration of traditional and digital formats.  Development of the CDL collection is a collaborative venture of the CDL and the nine campuses libraries, and, appropriately, CDL collection development is guided by a framework developed jointly by representatives of the nine campuses.  The following documents currently make up the CDL collection framework:

  1. University of California Guidelines for Selecting Digital Content
  2. University of California Collection Development Matrix
  3. University of California Library Business Considerations
  4. University of California Guidelines for Licensing Digital Content

Numbers 1,3, & 4 are reprinted below. For PDF files of these documents, and for a copy of #2, the matrix, see []

Currently the CDL is using this framework to build the Science, Technology and Industry Collection (STIC) and, with advice from the Operations and Planning Advisory Group, or OPAG (which advises the CDL on issues related to policies, procedures, and operations of the California Digital Library), determine the scope of future collections.  These documents can also provide guidance to campus bibliographers when considering digital content for local collections.