The Library Planning and Action Initiative (LPAI) Advisory Task Force has issued a final report that is publicly available on the LPAI Web site []

Appointed in Fall 1996 to address critical issues in UC access to scholarly information, the Task Force was composed of University administrators, librarians, and faculty.  As the summary of the final report indicates, the Task Force “was charged to identify organizational, budgetary, and functional changes required to ensure the continued scholarly and economic vitality of the University of California’s (UC) libraries, to guide library evolution over the next decade, and to ensure that immediate actions are taken in support of such changes and evolution.”

To achieve the goal of innovative, cost-effective, and comprehensive access to scholarly and scientific information for the UC community, the Task Force recommended that the University should:

1. Strengthen resource sharing.
2. Establish the California Digital Library.
3. Sustain and develop mechanisms to support print collections.
4. Collaborate with libraries, museums, other universities, and industry.
5. Develop an information infrastructure that supports the needs of faculty and students to disseminate and access scholarly and scientific information in a networked environment.
6. Provide leadership in the national effort to transform the process of scholarly and scientific communication.
7. Organize an environment of continuous planning and innovation for UC’s libraries.

Several major steps have already been taken in support of the Task Force’s recommendations