CDL Technologies, the CDL System Services group, and Library Planning and Policy Development are moving with most of the UC Office of the President departments to 1111 Franklin Street in Oakland, a few blocks from the current site in the Kaiser Building.  The first two groups move to the 7th floor of the new building on April 24, and the third moves to the 11th floor on May 18.  The rest of the CDL (Richard Lucier’s office, Shared Collections and Services, and Education and Communications) will remain in the Kaiser Building but may move to a different floor at a later date.  Telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same, although fax numbers may change.  The address of the new building is 1111 Franklin Street Oakland, CA 94607-5200.

Since the computers that house and run the Melvyl system will remain in place at the Kaiser Building, the move should not affect the functioning of the Melvyl system.

Readers can see current information on the move, as well as directions to the new building, at