(The information on STAT-USA was provided by Linda Kennedy, Head, Government Documents Department.)

STAT-USA/INTERNET, a product of the Department of Commerce, is a web-based subscription source of extensive and authoritative government-sponsored business, economic, and trade information data.  It is updated daily.

STAT-USA on the web will enable campus-wide access to material that had previously been available either on CD-ROM or from limited depository library access (one password for each campus).  The new subscription will provide unlimited access to multiple users at participating campuses.

As Linda Kennedy, Head, Government Documents Department, UC Davis, states, “STAT-USA will be heavily used by all those seeking trade statistics, marketing information, and current economic, business and financial statistics of all kinds.”  STAT-USA is comprised of two large files: State of the Nation and GLOBUS & NTDB.  State of the Nation accesses the most recent statistical releases of the federal government: economic data and indicators, employment, price and productivity data, industry statistics, interest and bond rates and information on monetary policy, and much more.  GLOBUS provides global business and trade opportunity leads. National Trade Data Bank files provide international trade statistics and market and country research.

The STAT-USA license is a collaborative effort between seven of the UC campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz) and Stanford University and was acquired with the guidance of participating campus bibliographers.  License arrangements will continue to be managed by the CDL.

UC campus users may connect directly to STAT-USA at http://www.stat-usa.gov or link through the Melvyl system or their library web pages.  STAT-USA recognizes participating UC campus IP addresses.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is providing free electronic access to SIAM Journals Online, which contains articles from ten major mathematics research journals, for institutions that maintain a print subscription to their journals (this includes all UC campuses except UC San Francisco).  UC users can access SIAM Journals Online via links in records in the Melvyl system or browse articles at the publisher’s site http://epubs.siam.org/.

This resource offers coverage from 1997 to the present, with full text available in three formats: DVI, PostScript, and PDF (the DVI format does not include pictures).  Papers appear in electronic form before they appear in print form.

UC has been invited to serve on an Advisory Board at SIAM, and Deborah Kegel, Associate Librarian, Science & Engineering Library, UC San Diego, will be the UC representative.