(Beverlee French, Associate Director, Shared Collections and Services)

Part of the focus of my first month at the California Digital Library has been to establish acquisitions procedures for the CDL.  This follows the important collaborative work among campuses of creating a collection development framework and policies, and the advisory process of resource selection.

There are myriad details and complexities to researching and evaluating a vendor’s or publisher’s electronic offering to complete the selection process.  Every part of the CDL is involved: CDL Technologies works with the publisher to devise links to abstracting and indexing databases, both System Services and Education and Communications evaluate delivery mechanisms for integration into CDL design, and Business Development works on licensing issues.

As part of the collaborative effort, the CDL is taking advantage of the expertise offered by UC campuses.  The Acquisitions Department at UC San Diego will handle a large part of the acquisitions process, including orders, receipts, invoice payments, maintenance of records, and reports.  In the future, UC campuses can expect UCSD to document the co-investment arrangements and to handle both campus recharges and disbursements.  UCSD will maintain CDL order records on its Innovative Interfaces system, and all campuses will have access to these records.

To facilitate acquisitions activities in the shared environment, every campus has named an Acquisitions Contact:

Jody Bussell, UC Berkeley
Mary Engle, CDL
Sandra L. Grant, UC Davis
Tim McAdam, UC Irvine
Michael H. Randall, UCLA
Sheryl Davis, UC Riverside
Terry Vrable, UC San Diego
Paul J. Wakeford, UC San Francisco
Catherine Nelson, UC Santa Barbara
Karen Mokrzycki, UC Santa Cruz

I would like to thank the following acquisitions personnel at UCSD, who helped make the arrangement possible and will manage much of the work:

Karen Cargille, Head of Acquisitions
Terry Vrable and John Archer, Electronic Ordering Unit
Katie Grimm, Book Fund Accounting

For further information please contact Mary Engle at CDL (mary.engle@ucop.edu).