OCLC’s SocAbstracts database, previously available to UC users only through the Telnet version of the Melvyl system, is now available via the web interface as well.  Produced by Sociological Abstracts, the database contains citations from 1963 to the present for articles from over 1,900 journals, books, book chapters, and reviews in the social sciences.  Topics covered include anthropology, criminology, demography, education, law, social psychology, sociology, and urban development.

Users can search not only by author, title, and subject, but also by indexes specific to SocAbstracts, including soc identifier, subject category, reviewed author, notes, conference, publisher, and country of publication.  As with other databases available from the web interface, users can save lists and email search results.  There are no links from subject headings.

Please send questions, comments, or suggestions to melvyl@www.melvyl.ucop.edu