As mentioned in earlier issues of CDLINFO, the CDL is constructing a web site that describes the CDL and its plans.  This site, now available at, provides new descriptive information, such as “Frequently Asked Questions About the CDL,” breaking and archived news about the CDL (including copies of CDLINFO), and descriptions of collections and services that will be part of the CDL, and consolidates what had been disparate historical sources of CDL information.  The site will be transformed when the CDL officially opens in early 1999 with full-featured directory and search tools for CDL collections and services.  Those features and the overall look and feel of the site are being developed, with plans for extensive campus collaboration, testing, and feedback.

In the meantime, is the location to check for information about the California Digital Library.  Please visit and let us know what you think. Individuals and other web sites do not need to change current practices or URLs to link to the Melvyl Catalog, the Periodicals database, or the abstracting and indexing databases.  The content of the LPAI web site is effectively frozen; documents there provide the historical context of the Library Planning and Action Initiative process, one of whose outcomes has been the CDL.  An announcement in the next CDLINFO will alert readers to a new web source for information about UC systemwide library planning.