As a co-library, the CDL, by definition, depends on collaboration with all of the campuses to create shared systems and services.  An essential collaborative element is the regular contributions of personnel from across the UC system to provide crucial expertise for CDL projects.  Currently, there are several from various campuses working directly with the CDL.  We wish to acknowledge and thank two librarians who have recently completed part-time assignments.

Margaret Phillips, UC Berkeley, just concluded her tenure with CDL System Services, where she worked on the user interface for the Melvyl web system, communicating with the Design Team, writing specifications, and reviewing changes.  In addition, she prepared a report on statistics for turn-aways from OCLC ports and worked on several other tasks, such as following up on problem reports, querying the User Services Group about various matters, and communicating with other groups.  Her reference and instruction experience brought a valued level of understanding to these tasks and a commitment to making services work for users.

Ann Jensen, also from UC Berkeley, helped investigate the feasibility of a technical reports service that could be modeled on the nationwide computer science project NCSTRL.  That analysis is ongoing, but Ann gave the project an excellent launch.

Thank you, Margaret and Ann!