The Statewide Serials Database, the outcome of the California State Serials Project (CSSP), establishes a union database of serials for California libraries.  It has been loaded into the Melvyl system and is now the Periodicals database.  It includes:

  • California State Library, California State Universities, the Center for Research Libraries, Stanford University, University of Southern California, California Academy of Sciences, California Historical Society, the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, and the Graduate Theological Union.
  • California Union List of Periodicals (CULP): Over 555 locations, including 111 academic libraries, 256 public libraries, 99 legal libraries, 6 medical libraries, and 83 other special or corporate libraries.
  • SERHOLD: California medical libraries in other universities and hospitals from the National Library of Medicine’s list of serials, representing 175 locations.

Users can now search or display citations by region (Northern California, Greater Bay Area, Central Valley, Greater Los Angeles, and San Diego/Inland Empire) or library type (Academic, Public, Special, Special Law, and Special Medical) in both the telnet and web versions of the Melvyl system.  In the telnet version, type EXPLAIN AT MELVYL for more information. In the web version, the regions and library types appear as options under the “Location” option on search pages for the Periodicals and abstracting and indexing databases.  They also appear, as applicable, in citation displays.