Response time for displays in Melvyl Web interface searches has improved considerably during the past week, returning to the same level of performance as before the Statewide Serials Database records were loaded.  While we did not identify a single cause of the problem, we have made a series of changes to improve the efficiency of reading the serials records and formatting them for display.  The addition of the new records with many holdings appears to have crossed a threshold that made a significant difference in performance.  In the process of tracking the problem, we found a number of other elements, which we have now tuned for better performance.

For about 50 titles with the largest number of holdings, we suppressed the holdings display as a temporary measure.  The holdings displays for these titles will be reinstated late next week.

We plan to continue to monitor performance and make adjustments in anticipation of an increased load in the Fall.

As always, calls and feedback from librarians and users is critical in helping us identify and resolve problems, and we appreciate your help on this issue.