As one of the first steps in establishing an evaluation program, the CDL wants to use focus groups to gather direct, qualitative feedback on collections and services.  The focus groups would variously concentrate on UC librarians and on faculty, student, and staff patrons of digital collections.  Focus group expertise will be developed with the cooperation of the campuses and results will be shared widely.  The first CDL effort using this method will evaluate the comprehensive CDL Web site, which is planned for testing in late Fall 1998 and for wide release in January 1999.

We are looking for an individual or two to assist in developing and transferring focus group expertise.  The goals are to develop the evaluative focus group effort for late Fall, to identify expertise and interest on each campus in order to facilitate wide use of the method, and to establish portable methods and success factors for the focus groups.  We anticipate that these contributors would work closely with the CDL from early October, 1998 through February, 1999 and devote approximately 20-30% of their time to the effort.  The ideal assistance would come from people with experience in and enthusiasm for the focus group approach, a strong interest in the collaborative potential of the CDL, and substantial experience in public services and faculty and student outreach.  Details of the collaboration would be negotiated between the CDL, each interested individual, and his or her home department or library.

Please contact John Ober, Assistant Director Education and Communication ( (510) 987-0425) to express interest or for more information.