The Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSCSC) has identified those selectors who will help survey digital collection issues in disciplinary areas.  These individuals will represent existing selector groups and additional disciplinary areas to help identify the range of digital information already available and the variety of challenges and opportunities that confront different disciplines.  The JSCSC plans were described in vol. 1 no. 11 of CDLINFO (available via the CDL web at:

JSCSC survey coordinators and surveyors include:

ARTS (Alan Ritch, coordinator)
Art and Art History: Christine Bunting, UCSC
Dance and Theater: Lorelei Tanji, UCI
Film and Video: Gary Handman, UCB
Music: John Tanno, UCR

HUMANITIES (Cindy Shelton, coordinator)
British and American History: Ellen Broidy, UCI
English and American Lit: Margaret Gordon, UCSC
European history, lit, etc.: Katalin Radics, UCLA
Philosophy/Religion: Myra Anderson, UCR
Womens Studies: Nancy Kushigian, UCD

SOCIAL SCIENCES (Barbara Kornstein, coordinator)
Anthropology: Kathy Creely, UCSD
Business/Econ: Milt Ternberg, UCB
Ethnic Studies: Rafaela Castro, UCD
Geography/Maps: Mary Larsgaard, UCSB
Political Science: Nancy Koller, UCR
Psychology/Education: Joan Kaplowitz/Diane Childs, UCLA
Social Sci data sets: Libby Stephenson, UCLA
Sociology: Beth Sibley, UCB

AREA STUDIES (Clint Howard, coordinator)
East Asian: Karl Lo, UCSD
Latin American: Eudora Loh, UCLA
Southeast Asian: Suzanne McMahon, UCB
[others to be announced later]

Jackie Dooley, UCI, consultant

GOVERNMENT INFORMATION (Barbara Kornstein, coordinator)
Lucia Snowhill, UCSB, consultant

Priorities in the Sciences were identified by the STIC survey process (see CDLINFO Vol.1, No.12).  The STIC Task Force and liaisons identify ongoing issues.