Over 70 library staff from all campuses, SRLF, and NRLF joined the project team in mid-October for discussions and status reports of the Patron Initiated Request (PIR) project.  PIR is a key strategy, identified by the University Librarians and the Library Planning and Action Initiative, for enhancing resource sharing among all of the campuses of the University.  The updates, hosted by UC Irvine and UC San Francisco, covered the background, architecture, interface design, and public information for the project, the first phase of which is to begin in January 1999 (see CDLINFO-L Newsletter, July 16, 1998; Vol. 1, No. 10 at the CDL website for a summary article).

Alison Bunting, who has been involved with resource sharing efforts sponsored by HOPS over the last few years, and Jackie Wilson, who is a member of SOPAG and immediate past chair of the ILL subcommittee, led discussions of campus benefits and procedural issues, which helped clarify the goals of the project and possible impacts.  The project team received valuable input that will contribute to the implementation of phase I and the design of phase II of the project.

PIR campus liaisons will be announced shortly in CDLINFO.  In addition, a listserv for UC library staff and devoted to the implementation of PIR has been established.  A website with background and operational documents will be announced shortly.