a. Dawn Talbot to Assist with License Information and Responsible Use

The CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of Dawn Talbot (UCSD).  Through her assignment CDL will be able to move forward in making readily available information about the conditions placed upon use of licensed CDL resources.  Our objectives are to promote awareness by users that such conditions exist and to provide CDL license texts to the campuses via the web (copies of signed licenses are distributed in paper to University Librarians).

In addition to creating public information, Dawn will work with UCSD Acquisitions (which has developed a database for presenting redacted licenses) and CDL staff to recommend a structure and workflow for the retrospective and regular scanning and linking of appropriate license terms to CDL resources.  Dawn has also agreed to serve as the Evaluation Coordinator for the CDL/LOC Environmental Information Project, now entering its second year.  This assignment draws upon Dawn’s background in library evaluation work, including a large-scale user survey undertaken at UCSD in 1995.

Her work on the licenses will be concentrated in January and February and she will work with a number of CDL staff — especially our license specialists and our web specialists — to complete this work.

b. Karen Cargille Will Work with CDL Shared Collections

The CDL is pleased to announce that acquisitions efforts at UCSD will be expanded to include formally a portion of Acquisitions Department Head Karen Cargille’s time for the next six months.  This will allow us to work more aggressively on the electronic journal priorities identified by the STIC Task Force and the STIC faculty survey.  Many of these publishers are cited in the recent social science and humanities surveys as well.  Karen brings to the CDL considerable expertise in both acquisitions and science libraries.  She will develop a “CDL acquisitions checklist”, conduct investigations, and prepare negotiating points for CDL.

c. Susan Starr Named Chair to STIC Task Force

The CDL is pleased to announce that Susan Starr, Associate University Librarian for Sciences at UCSD, has agreed to chair the STIC Task Force and help continue the splendid teamwork that has characterized the STIC Task Force.

Although basic priorities for electronic journals have been set, the Task Force faces a full agenda.  It will re-order publisher priorities in light of the faculty survey and electronic product readiness, propose co-investment and logistical models for the transition from print to electronic, develop criteria and mechanisms for selection of CDL open access materials in the sciences, and continue to provide analyses and feedback, often by identifying librarians with appropriate expertise.

d. Andrea Sevetson Appointed Special Assistant for Government Information

CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrea Sevetson (Berkeley) as Special Assistant for Government Information for the California Digital Library, January-June, 1999.  Read “CDL’s Role in Developing a Systemwide Strategy for Providing Access to Digital Government Information” (available on the Shared Collections website at (http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll/)), which defines her role.

Andrea brings to this assignment particular expertise in federal information and a broad background in UC and national activities.  She has been chair of ALA’s Government Documents Roundtable, a member of the Interassociation Working Group on Government Information Policy, active in UC/Stanford Government Information Librarians group, and has worked closely with UC Data to create a “Social Science & Government Data Library”.

e. Libbie Stephenson: DLF Workshop’s CDL Representative

Libbie Stephenson (Data Archivist, UCLA) will represent the CDL in the Digital Library Federation Workshop on Social Science Data Archives on January 27-28 at Princeton University.  She will represent a Universitywide perspective with regard to the CDL’s interest in social science data.  The purpose of the workshop is to explore current problems and emerging solutions in three key areas: facilities for users to discover and retrieve relevant and related datasets; means for users to interpret and evaluate the comparability of datasets; and tools and methods of data extraction for analysis.  Following the workshop, Libbie will provide CDL with a report on current problems and emerging solutions with regard to social science data files, and will advise CDL on the potential for participation in future DLF initiatives in this arena.

Andrea Sevetson will also attend the DLF workshop, representing UC Berkeley.