Creators of web pages have a great deal of flexibility in how they provide access to the CDL Directory from their web sites.  While the simplest approach is to create a single link to the CDL Directory’s home page at:, or to the Directory search page at:, it also is possible to create links that will take users into the Directory.  For example, a web manager can create a series of links on his or her library’s web site that will take users immediately to Directory lists of electronic journals, by subject or alphabetically by title.  One can imagine an almost infinite variety of “portals” into the CDL Directory that library web managers can design.  Some libraries may chose to use frames, where the direct links appear in one frame (along with links to the important library-based pages), and the results of these links appear in another frame.  In this way, the library maintains control over how these pages look and feel, and the content that can be delivered through them.

In almost all cases, creating these links is as simple as going to the desired Directory page and then “cutting-and-pasting” the URL.  The CDL has developed some instructions that describe how to create links into the CDL Directory.  Go to the CDL Directory User’s Guide at: <> and select the “Creating Links into the CDL Directory” link.