Thanks to diligent reporting by campus ILL staff, Request has been improved by making a number of refinements and solving various problems.  A significant enhancement is that users may now request items from other campuses when the requested items are held at their own campus but all copies are reported as lost or missing.  At present, this option is available to campuses that provide links to their circulation systems (UCD, UCI, UCSD, and UCSF).  These same libraries are bypassed as lenders if an item’s status is “checked out”.  This feature was planned for Phase II, but we are pleased to report its availability earlier than anticipated.

In addition, ILL staff now see holdings information in the Notes field on Request items sent through OCLC.  Non-UC holdings have been added to both email and OCLC requests.

The Project Team is analyzing data on Phase I activity and planning for Phase II, including an analysis of implementing article requests.  Technical specifications for the vendor-supplied fulfillment service have been drafted and will be available for review shortly.  A special group of consultants is being appointed to review this document carefully in preparation for issuing an RFQ for Phase II.  Comments on the technical specifications and RFQ will be due on March 15.