The CDL and its partners will identify many core technologies, both hard and soft, which are new, undeveloped, or nonexistent but some form of which are needed to realize digital library goals.  Simultaneously there are UC-based interests and sets of expertise, as well as national and international research agendas, some represented by grant and award programs, which could be leveraged in the service of UC digital library and scholarly communication goals.  These technologies/agendas already include such things as economic sustainability of digital library collection and access methods, archiving and preservation of digital collections, metadata and other standards development, future network capacity and quality of service requirements, and user-identified challenges in information discovery and use.

The need for a strategic innovation and development agenda for the CDL has at least the following components:

  1. Seizing and creating opportunities to leverage for the common good the expertise and interest in digital library innovation found on the campuses and libraries;
  2. Capitalizing on, and contributing to the wider agendas of the digital library research community represented by the Digital Library Federation and others;
  3. Identifying opportunities and sources of extramural funding to support UC digital library goals; and
  4. Prioritizing the activities of CDL staff available for advanced technology development.

The CDL is pleased to announce that the following individuals have agreed to work on these issues as members of the Strategic Innovations Working Group (SIWG):

Joan Gargano, CDL
Bernie Hurley, UCB
Greg Leazer, UCLA (Faculty)
Rick Luce, Los Alamos
John Ober, CDL
Vicki Suter, UCD (Academic Computing)
Robert Wilensky, UCB (Faculty)

SIWG joins the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections, the Tools and Services Working Group, the Standards and Architectures Working Group, and the Education Working Group as cross-campus advisory groups to the CDL.  For more information about these groups, their membership, and other consultative groups and structures please consult the CDL Web planning and advisory information at: