With a constantly growing collection of resources, and new and evolving tools to use them, the historical distinction between a monolithic “Melvyl System” and “everything else” is less and less useful to describe UC-shared digital collections.  The graphics and location changes that took place in conjunction with the January 20th CDL opening were the initial steps in a transition that will create a distinction between the Melvyl Union Catalog and other content, services, and tools.

The “Melvyl Transition Overview” (available at http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/) describes CDL activities for this transition and provides a checklist of local activities to consider.  The document has been distributed to the User Services Group (USG), Systemwide Operations and Planning Group (SOPAG), and Heads of Public Services (HOPS).  Those groups and other interested are encouraged to share concerns and advice about managing this transition.