As has been discussed with various groups including SOPAG and the User Services Group, the TEN-year Catalog will be removed from both the telnet and web versions of the system.  The TEN-year Catalog resides in the same physical database as the older MEDLINE backfiles.  MED66, MED75, and MED80 backfiles will be replaced with the regenerated versions on April 7 and so TEN is scheduled for removal on that date.

In the web version, this change will be relatively transparent to the users.  The equivalent date limit will still be offered as an option.  Saved search histories in the web will be mapped to the Melvyl Catalog and will indicate to the user that there has been a change.  Remember, users will need to modify their searches if they want to apply the date limit.

Users who attempt to use TEN in linemode will see a message that it is no longer available and to use the Melvyl Catalog.  The message will also remind them that the limit “AND DATE RECENT” will show the items from the last ten years as well as the current year.  Last fall, peak load restrictions were removed for the Melvyl Catalog.

The rules for long search have been adjusted so that fewer searches will generate this message.  Catalog performance since these changes show no significant effects.

All Updates currently being run against TEN will be mapped to the Melvyl Catalog.  However, we will not be able to add the date limit to these Updates.  As a result, users will get recently cataloged items that were published more than ten years ago as part of the Update result.  We will send out an email to all users with Updates in TEN explaining the change and describing how to re-submit the Update to add the date limit (if using linemode) or edit the Update (if using the web).