CDL has finished loading the linking data for IEEE images for all types of materials.

The new links were moved into production on Thursday, March 25th.  Users will see URL hyperlinks as well as the Article Image hyperlinks.  Users clicking on the URL hyperlinks will not be asked for demographics and will see a different interim page for the links.  Instead of the image server page that offers the option of “Continue image display” and has IEEE/IEE copyright information, the users will see CDL’s standard Electronic Journal interim page.

During this 3-week transition period, CDL staff will work on the programming needed to remove IEEE-project-specific information and commands from the interface.  IEEE task force members will work with their campus colleagues to publicize the change in access.

Change in methods of access:

  • No access to IEEE images from linemode interface.
  • User verification will be by IP address, not by CDL passwords, so there will no longer be remote access from non-UC IP addresses.
  • CDL will no longer require that users fill out the IEEE demographic survey, and users will no longer need to “Identify” themselves in order for us to collect data.

On April 15th, CDL web users will no longer have a link for the locally mounted images and will no longer be able to limit retrieval to only items with images.  They will continue to see the URL hyperlink to IEEE/IEE materials.  The demographics section of the Profile will be removed.