On Thursday, March 25th, the reloaded PsycINFO database was moved into production.  There are several new access points for the file.  The changes are summarized below.

New Indexes:

  • Classification Code (CC) [Note: two digit codes cover 1887-present; three/four digit codes from 1967-present]
  • Corporate Author (CA)
  • Exact Corporate Author (XCA)
  • Series (SE)
  • Exact series (XSE)
  • Sponsoring agency (SP)
  • Publisher (PU)
  • Population group (POP) (This used to be done as an exact subject.)
  • Age group (AGE) (This used to be done as an exact subject.)

New Command in the web: Browse — May be used with exact or keyword thesaurus terms.

New Options: The Form BOOK is no longer a limit. It will be directly searchable.  This will allow bibliographers to create an Update search on the Form Book.  The Update result will be a list of the newly added books.