We have completed most of the work on the History of Science and Technology @RLG database, and it is now available for your review on the CDL Web test database.  I’d appreciate your comments by FRIDAY, MAY 7TH on any problems you find when you test this database.  We hope to move it into the public version of CDL Web by early May.

Please note that since the database remains in a test version, there are still changes being made.

The address for the CDL Web test site is: http://merlin.ucop.edu/meltst

History of Science and Technology @RLG is one of the database choices.

I have tried to be consistent in providing the same search options offered in the Telnet version of HSCI.  The web version of this database now offers publication type limits to searches, an option not available in the Telnet version.  Help screens for finding more/fewer/zero have been edited for HSCI, and the database description and general help screens have been carried over to be consistent with information in the Telnet version.  The help and database description screens are accessible from the HELP button on the HSCI search screen.

I have not developed a user guide, since the Web version provides so much of the information already.

Your opinions and comments on all of the above will be very helpful.  Thank you in advance