The vendor response to the CDL’s Request for Purchase (RFP) for a freestanding interlibrary loan “Fulfillment Service” is impressive: Several of the top library software development companies intend to submit bids and are interested in working with UC.  The software will give UC libraries control over the PIR system.  Currently, the CDL-developed Request Resolution Service analyzes a request and then forwards appropriate bibliographic and patron information, as well as an ordered list of UC library locations holding the item, to the OCLC ILL Direct system.  When implemented, the Fulfillment Service will replace the OCLC ILL Direct system in the Request process. The Fulfillment Service will hopefully provide a single workflow for interlibrary transactions for each participating unit on all of the nine campuses.  It will manage all ILL request processing, and provide temporary tracking functions for materials while they are in the loan process.  This software application will accept requests from a variety of sources in addition to the Request Resolution Service (e.g., web request forms, manual input, and external systems such as OCLC and DOCLINE); will manage the fulfillment of the request; and will be able to direct requests to other external systems as appropriate (e.g., OCLC and DOCLINE).

In order to release a fully functional and thoroughly tested system in January, 2000, the timeline has been compressed to allow time for the system to be developed, integrated into CDL software, and tested by the campuses.  The deadline for vendor responses to the RFP is May 19th, and the CDL must choose finalists by May 28th.  A small review team of librarians and staff from a number of campuses will evaluate the responses before the end of May.  The CDL would like to thank Charlotte Rubens, Jason Newborn, Margaret Tapper, Claire Bellanti, Pat Cross, Jackie Wilson, Gary Johnson, and Deborah Turner for their help in evaluating the Bidder’s Proposals.

The top three bids will be presented to ILL and Circulation staffs from the nine campuses in workshops to be held in early summer. Input to the final selection will be solicited at those workshops.  The Southern California workshop will be June 9 from 1-4pm at UC Irvine.  The Northern California workshop will be June 15 from 10am-1pm at UC San Francisco.  A contract for a Fulfillment Service system is expected to be completed by mid-summer.