Over 200 library staff members and others participated in CDL-hosted Digital Library Strategies Forums held in two locations in March 1999 to share and discuss continuing development of digital library collections, services, and tools.  The stated objectives of the forums included:

  • Sharing information about digital library goals and activities (broadly defined) across UC;
  • Discovering and creating opportunities to continue and deepen collaboration in building a co-library;
  • Sharing perspectives and opinions about DL strategies; and
  • Communicating critical information about activities of the CDL.

Participants reported that the discussions helped create an understanding of the potential for collaboration on digital library activities for UC.  They have been enormously valuable for CDL planning, contributing, for example, to planning for the July 1999 “release” of the CDL (summarized in CDLINFO volume 2:7, April 29, 1999 available at: http://www.cdlib.org/news/cdlinfo/cdlinfo042999.html).

A summary of the discussions and the themes that emerged from them is now available at: http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/comm/forum