CDLINFO News: June, 1999

Contacts for Questions or Problems

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Information Services,Newsletter  |  Author: 

If you have problems accessing or using the system or have questions, including questions about the status of electronic journal collections and Internet resources, you can contact CDL staff in … More

CDL Milestones

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

CDL Milestones are now posted on the CDL informational web site under News and Developments. Please share news of this resource with your colleagues!

CDL Directory Submission Pilot Project

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

One of the major goals of the CDL Directory is to experiment with the development of a collaboration “space” where the UC campus libraries can participate in the creation and … More

Full List of Recommended Commercial Electronic Files

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

The Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collection’s survey of bibliographer groups yielded a large number of recommendations for digital resources.  Previous issues of CDLINFO announced the availability of the completed … More

PIR/Request Phase II Discussed at Updates

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Regional meetings held in early June brought UC library staff together to discuss the success of automatic requesting of materials (via the Melvyl Catalog’s Request service) during the first half … More

Online Archive of California Developments

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter,Online Archive of California,Special Collections  |  Author: 

The OAC Advisory Working Group recommended two thematic areas for digitizing archival material across UC campuses.  SOPAG and the University Librarians endorsed the recommendation of a collaborative focus on the … More

Education Working Group Recommends Guiding Principles

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Information Services,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Drawing upon discussion with colleagues, interaction during the DL Strategies forums, and their extensive experience, the members of the CDL Education Working Group have developed a set of “Recommended Guiding … More

July Release of CDL Services Available for Testing/Viewing

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: The URL above leads to descriptions and several viewable/testable changes to the CDL Web, CDL Directory, and CDL-hosted Databases Interface, including the Melvyl Catalog, that are being prepared for … More

Creating Links into the CDL Directory

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Library web managers have a great deal of flexibility in how they can provide access to the CDL Directory from their web sites.  The simplest approach is to provide a … More

CDL Gets a New IP Address

June 18, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

The CDL mainframe server is getting a new network interface designed to improve response time and stability when the system is heavily used and thus, our IP address … More