One of the major goals of the CDL Directory is to experiment with the development of a collaboration “space” where the UC campus libraries can participate in the creation and management of digital content.  Through the CDL Directory, the campus libraries will be able to work together in creating a highly usable, central resource.  Currently, CDL staff are responsible for creating Directory records for CDL-licensed content.

At the present time, the campus libraries are individually licensing important digital resources.  For the CDL Directory to be truly usable as a central resource, these locally licensed digital resources need to be included.  It is therefore important that these resources be added to the Directory quickly.  To help fulfill the vision of the Directory as a shared resource, campus library staff should be responsible for adding information about these resources to the CDL Directory.

To help determine the best way to handle this process, the CDL plans to conduct a pilot project this summer in which a small group of campus libraries will add locally licensed content to the Directory.  In addition to the many questions that will arise concerning the most appropriate interface design to manage this process in a production environment, there are also other important questions that should be addressed in this pilot:

  • Are there important elements missing from the current Directory resource description?
  • How might record elements (e.g., description, topics assigned) for the same resource differ when submitted by different campuses? How significant will these difference be?
  • How many resources require campus-specific URLs?
  • How many campus-licensed resources require unique login IDs and/or passwords?

More information about this pilot will be released shortly.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Brian Warling (