The Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collection’s survey of bibliographer groups yielded a large number of recommendations for digital resources.  Previous issues of CDLINFO announced the availability of the completed surveys and of JSCSC’s criteria for prioritization and an initial list of recommended commercial priorities.  Mary Engle (CDL, Shared Content) has provided summary tables showing all survey recommendations for commercial products, including CD-ROMS, are available on the web.  Visit the JSCSC web site at: (  (Note that some files are password protected. Consult with your collection development officer for access instructions.)

The Complete List (Summary Table of Survey Results: Complete List [password controlled RTF]) is the full listing of all electronic resources that UC bibliographer groups recommended for acquisition by the CDL.  This list is large (24 pages, so beware in printing).  The CDROM resources are shaded for easy recognition.  The second table (Summary Table of Survey Results: All except CD ROMs [password controlled RTF]) eliminates the CDROM resources, so it is much more manageable at 11 pages.

Six months have passed since the first survey, so the Joint Steering Committee is currently contacting the bibliographer groups for updates and changes.  This might be a good time to send suggestions to the various groups listed at the top of each table