The URL above leads to descriptions and several viewable/testable changes to the CDL Web, CDL Directory, and CDL-hosted Databases Interface, including the Melvyl Catalog, that are being prepared for a July 7th release.  Many of these changes are based upon comments received from library staff and patrons.  Descriptions of desired changes and plans for implementing them have been widely discussed at Digital Library forums, in CDLINFO, and elsewhere.  In several cases new functionality is described at the above URL, but implementation is dependent upon vendors or further input from UC library staff.  The availability of these prototypes for testing was announced to members of the Users Council, CDL Evaluation liaisons, and others last week.  You are encouraged to view this site and forward comments and suggestions.  Test pages and mockups will continue to be established as soon as practicable, so we encourage revisiting the site.  Thank you for your support and collaboration in the continuing work to create useful enhancements to digital services based at the CDL