As was described in the June 18, 1999 (v.2, no.9) issue of CDLINFO, the CDL will be conducting a pilot project in early September in which a small group of campus libraries will add locally licensed content to the CDL Directory.  The purpose of the pilot is to help determine the best way to handle the submission process in a production environment.  Records submitted during the pilot will also be added to the CDL Directory.

Libraries that wish to participate should submit a brief proposal — by Friday, August 27, 1999 — outlining what they propose to do; i.e., how many records they plan to submit, who will be actually submitting records, confirming that they are willing to participate through to the pilot’s completion.  Instructions on where to send the proposal, along with more details on the pilot, is available at this web page:


For more information, please contact Brian Warling (; 510-987-0078).