CDLINFO News: September, 1999

CDLINFO Released Simultaneously on the Web

September 21, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

Starting with this issue CDLINFO will be released simultaneously as a Web document, in addition to its distribution through the CDLINFO-L email listserv.  Responding to requests for an immediately available … More

New Resources: Company of Biologists; Digital Dissertations

September 21, 1999  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Digital Dissertations The Digital Dissertations database provides access to the full-text of all dissertations from University of California campuses since 1998.  The first twenty-four pages from all other dissertations is … More

January 2000 Release Description Available

September 21, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

In preparation for the January 5, 2000 release of the CDL web sites and services, and a November period of review and testing, a brief description of expected enhancements, changes, … More

CDL OPAC Request For Proposal Steering Committee

September 21, 1999  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

The CDL Technical Architecture and Standards Workgroup is charged with creating a technical plan and unifying structure for the components of the CDL.  One of the tasks of the workgroup … More

Links Now Available to ACS Full Text from CDL-Hosted Databases

September 2, 1999  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

ACS (American Chemical Society) links are now available in all of the CDL-hosted databases and will take the user to the full text of the journal article record.

Kluwer Online is Now Available

September 2, 1999  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Kluwer Online is an electronic journal service from Kluwer Academic Publishers that gives licensed institutions electronic access to the full-text of their journals. Currently Kluwer Online comprises articles from January … More

Welcome Trisha Cruse

September 2, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter,Staff News  |  Author: 

CDL is pleased to introduce Patricia (Trisha) Cruse from the San Diego campus who joins the CDL in Oakland as CDL Senior Associate for a year, beginning September 7, 1999.  … More

Assistant Director for Business Development Appointed

September 2, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter,Staff News  |  Author: 

The CDL is very pleased to announce that Cate Hutton, currently the assistant director for UCOP’s Institutional Advocacy Programs, has accepted a position as the CDL’s assistant director for Business … More

Thanks to Andrea Sevetson – Government Information Report and Recommended Strategic Options Available

September 2, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

Andrea Sevetson’s appointment as CDL Special Assistant for Government Information is coming to a close.  CDL is fortunate to have had someone of Andrea’s caliber and experience to devote concentrated … More

OAC Documentation

September 2, 1999  |  Category:  Newsletter,Online Archive of California,Special Collections  |  Author: 

A section on the Online Archive of California (OAC) has been added to the Shared Collections Web page at [] and contains background information, working documents, and meeting notes of … More