The CDL is very pleased to announce that Cate Hutton, currently the assistant director for UCOP’s Institutional Advocacy Programs, has accepted a position as the CDL’s assistant director for Business Development.  We want to welcome Cate, whose background, in addition to her external and governmental relations work at UCOP, includes an MLIS from Berkeley and positions as a research associate with Andersen Consulting and as an American Library Association Book Fellow on assignment in Tibet.

As assistant director, Cate will focus on establishing, extending, and overseeing the CDL’s relationships with parties outside of the University.  This will include ensuring the complete and correct execution of licenses and other agreements with content providers, as well as analyzing options for mutually beneficial service arrangements with a variety of educational and private sector partners.  Cate’s experience and expertise is well-matched for these essential activities.  Please join us in welcoming Cate to the CDL.