Kluwer Online is an electronic journal service from Kluwer Academic Publishers that gives licensed institutions electronic access to the full-text of their journals. Currently Kluwer Online comprises articles from January 1997 onwards.  Subjects include science and technology, biology, agricultural and environmental sciences, medicine, business and economics, humanities, and social sciences, and law.

The Directory includes records for Kluwer titles with full-text — this number currently stands at 253.  The titles in the contract can be viewed on the Shared Collections Web page  [http://www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll/protected/publisher_info/].  Full-text articles are available in PDF and can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The full-text of each article is exactly the same as that in the printed version of the journal, and will be available up to 8 weeks before the printed issue arrives at subscribers’ addresses.

Authorized users may download and print single copies of a reasonable number of individual articles for personal use.   Users at subscribing institutions will be automatically offered full-text buttons to journal articles to which access is available.  Technical details at Kluwer, however, will delay citation-level links until early 2000.

Users may discover Kluwer titles by searching “Kluwer” in the Directory.