A section on the Online Archive of California (OAC) has been added to the Shared Collections Web page at [www.cdlib.org/libstaff/sharedcoll/oac] and contains background information, working documents, and meeting notes of the OAC Working Group:

Online Archive of California (OAC) [PDF]
Description: Online Archive of California
Overview: SOPAG/ULs Joint Meeting, April 29, 1999 [RTF]
History of OAC Development, 1993-1999 [RTF]

OAC Working Group [PDF]
Charge [RTF]
Roster [RTF]
April 1999 meeting notes [RTF]
December 1998 meeting notes [RTF]

Thematic Taxonomy, Iteration 4 (May 1999) [RTF]
Content Survey: Arts & Entertainment and Ethnic Groups in California, May 1999 [RTF]
Summary of Potential Content, 14 April 1999 [RTF]