The CDL Technical Architecture and Standards Workgroup is charged with creating a technical plan and unifying structure for the components of the CDL.  One of the tasks of the workgroup is to review legacy CDL systems and to determine how they might be incorporated into the highly distributed environment of the future, in which interoperability between systems will be critical.  In support of this work, CDL Technologies initiated two studies, identified by the Coordinated Bibliographic Systems Task Force, to evaluate technologies that are in use at many libraries and may provide opportunities to enhance the functionality of legacy systems.

It has now been recommended, and endorsed by the University Librarians, that the CDL move forward with a Request for Proposal (RFP) process that will build upon this work to create: 1) a more detailed analysis of the functional requirements for the CDL OPAC; and 2) a framework for assessing the ability of vendors to meet those requirements.  A CDL OPAC RFP Steering Committee has been created as an advisory group to CDL University Librarian Richard Lucier to develop and coordinate an all-campus review of the RFP.  The Steering Committee’s charge, which includes background information about work done to date, is available at: [] .

The Steering Committee members, chosen by their University Librarian, include:
Cynthia Clark (UCI)
Laine Farley, Chair (CDL)
Cheryl Gomez (UCSC)
Jon Good (UCOP IR&C)
Bernie Hurley (UCB)
Julia Kochi (UCSF)
Catherine Nelson (UCSB)
Terry Ryan (UCLA)
Susan Starr (UCSD)
Juri Stratford (UCD)
John Tanno (UCR)
CDL-T Director (To be named)
Mike Berger, CDL-T Staff Support
Bob Brandriff, CDL-T Staff Support
Karen Clyle, CDL-T Staff Support