Digital Dissertations

The Digital Dissertations database provides access to the full-text of all dissertations from University of California campuses since 1998.  The first twenty-four pages from all other dissertations is also available.  Also included, with more than 1.5 million entries, is the Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI) database, the authoritative source for information about doctoral dissertations and master’s theses.  The database includes citations for materials ranging from the first U.S. dissertation, accepted in 1861, to those accepted as recently as last semester; those published from 1980 forward also include 350-word abstracts, written by the author.  Citations for master’s theses from 1988 forward include 150-word abstracts.  The Dissertation Abstracts and Digital Dissertations databases are produced by the Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company (formerly University Microfilms, UMI).