The regeneration of BIOSIS Previews for 1993 to the present inaugurates a very different database from the one with which users are familiar.  In both Telnet and Web interfaces, there are new indexes and publication types, and some of the old indexes have been discontinued.

New indexes include:

  • Geographic index
  • Geologic time index
  • Mesh terms
  • CAS registry numbers

In addition, a Taxonomic Group index gathers genus species, biosystematic names and supertaxa information into a single index.

Concept codes are not included in the new BIOSIS format and searching on Biosystematic codes has been discontinued.

Because of the differences between the current BIOSIS file (1993-present) and the backfile (1985-1992), users may have to adjust their searches when moving from one database to the other.

For complete information, click on HELP from within the BIOSIS database.