The CDL Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) will be holding an all-day meeting on November 9 at UC Irvine to share information, procedures, and advice on negotiating multi-campus licenses for digital resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The purpose of the meeting is to increase the selector’s knowledge in such areas as negotiating licenses, applying cost-sharing models, and taking advantage of campus and CDL resources.  Because the CDL is able to commit funding and resources to only a fraction of the commercial products that campuses are interested in acquiring, the JSC believes it is important to increase the skills and knowledge of librarians who are likely to be negotiating and co-investing in multi-campus subscriptions.

The JSC has invited subject specialists who are members of a system-wide subject group that is likely to be involved in multi-campus license agreements over the upcoming year, weighed toward the South to minimize travel costs.