CDL is pleased to announce the appointment of David Walker as Director, California Digital Library (CDL) Technologies, effective December 1, 1999.  David will provide leadership for the ongoing technical design and implementation of the CDL.  He will report in Information Resources & Communications (IR&C) and will belong to the senior management teams for both IR&C and the CDL.

David brings to his position broad technical and management experience, successes in planning and implementing large systems, deep understanding of the technical requirements for a digital library, and a long commitment to the University.  He comes to UCOP from Cox Communications, Orange County, where he has been Engineering Manager for Commercial Broadband Services since 1997.  However, before entering the private sector, David spent 20 years in increasingly responsible technical positions at UC.  He rose from systems programmer to Assistant Director for Strategic Activities and Advanced Technology at Irvine, where he planned and implemented a number of major strategic initiatives to provide computing and communications services to the campus.  He then moved to the San Diego campus to become Director of Telecommunications.

David participated in the planning phase of the UC Digital Library, which eventually led to the CDL, and is the author of numerous network plans, technical architecture plans, and technical policies.  He frequently speaks and writes on these and related issues.  In addition to the CDL planning process, David participated in UC’s Task Force on Telecommunications Needs for Distance Learning, and was a member of two review teams for campus network projects.  He is active in the California Internet Federation, CERFnet, and other technical groups.

David is a graduate of UC Irvine with a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Information and Computer Science.  He also completed five years of graduate work in Information and Computer Science at Irvine.

The CDL is fortunate to be able to draw on David’s extensive technical and management experience.  Please join us in welcoming him back to the University.