The Science Technology and Industry Collection Task Force (STIC Task Force) has completed its main work and its role will now be subsumed within the CDL Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections.  The Task Force, appointed through librarians’ recommendations in 1997 before the establishment of the CDL, identified priority publishers for the Universitywide electronic journal licensing program, conducted an exemplary consultative process with faculty (some 2000 faculty were involved in helping to set priorities), and communicated regularly with the STIC Contacts.  Task Force members are Susan Starr (currently chair, SD), Andrea Duda (SB), Catherine Soehner (SC), Katie A. Frohmberg (B), Anita Colby (LA), Barbara Schader (LA), Julia Kochi (SF), Jo Anne Boorkman (D), Julia Gelfand (I), Beverlee French (CDL), Laine Farley (CDL), Mary Engle (CDL), Charlene Baldwin (R), and Karen Cargille (SD).

This decision has been made in consultation with the STIC Task Force, the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSCSC), SOPAG, and CDC.  In order to strengthen the link from the Joint Steering Committee to the science bibliographers, Susan Starr, AUL for Sciences at UCSD, has been appointed to the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections.  The Joint Steering Committee will be responsible for ongoing adjustments to publisher priorities, the further extension of the journal licensing program beyond the sciences (psychology and business/economics bibliographers identified electronic journals as their top digital priority), and collaborative adjustments to the print and electronic holdings within the journal packages.  Although the JSCSC works primarily with CDC and SOPAG and communicates with all bibliographer groups, the STIC campus contacts will remain in place for the remainder of the academic year to facilitate communication with science bibliographers