Access to the world’s most comprehensive database of chemical literature and patents will begin soon for CDL users.  The CDL and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) are close to finalizing an agreement that will enable UC to use SciFinder Scholar to access these CAS databases.  Eight campuses will participate as co-investment partners in access to the Caplus (Chemical Abstracts) and CAS Registry databases using the SciFinder Scholar software.

SciFinder Scholar is a client-server application that provides simple point and click access to the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases, Chemical Abstracts, and Registry.  No special training or knowledge of search command languages are required.  UC users will have access to 18 ports simultaneously on a 24-hour basis with substructure searching.

Marion Peters of UCLA will be the Resource Liaison for SciFinder Scholar and the CAS databases that it accesses.  Stay tuned for further information on the opening date for access to this exciting resource and how to obtain the client software