Joint Steering Committee Subject Area Survey Updates Now Available

The Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) is charged with identifying appropriate mechanisms for system-wide development of digital collections in the various domains (humanities, social sciences, etc.) to serve UC instructional and research programs.  In July 1999, the JSC queried UC bibliographer groups again to update the original survey conducted in late 1998, following its intent to update opinions about commercially available resources every six months.  Bibliographers from UC’s nine campuses identified a rich variety of resources in each discipline that would enhance the CDL and benefit faculty, students, and scholars.

The survey updates can be found online in the Libstaff web pages in the Shared Collections section under the Joint Steering Committee as: [ ] This document describes the survey process and contains links to both the original survey and the July 1999 updates.  All of the survey response documents are in the password-protected portion of the site; consult with Mary Engle ( or your Collection Development Officer for access information.

The updates note whether it supplements or replaces earlier efforts.  When no update is present, the original survey response stands as that group’s response.

CDL Licensing Tool Kit Information for Vendors

In the CDL Licensing Tool Kit, there are two documents describing technical information needed to create links both to vendor’s content and back to UC holdings:

  1. “Technical Information Required to Link to Full Content” describes what information the CDL needs from vendors to link to article content on remote web sites; that is, linking from the CDL out to the vendor’s content.
  2. “Technical Information for Linking to CDL Holdings” describes what information vendors need to know to link back from content on remote web sites to the UC Periodicals database; that is, linking from a vendor’s site back to UC holdings.

Don’t forget to share the “CDC Principles for Acquiring and Licensing Information in Digital Formats” and the “CDL Checklist of Points to be Addressed in a CDL License Agreement” with vendors.  It is helpful to give them these documents very early on in your serious pursuit of vendors’ electronic products.