The CDL and various working groups and task forces have been engaged in many discussion sessions at the campuses, with more to come.  In the fall representatives from the Tools and Services Working Group held meetings at each campus to discuss service possibilities, priorities, and the SearchLiight tool.  Those discussions were very helpful not only in releasing SearchLight and planning for its improvement, but also for progress toward establishing additional service priorities.

This month and last members of the Online Public Access Catalog RFP Steering Committee has made visits to each campus to talk with library staff and faculty about the need to consider new catalog technology and discuss crucial features and functionality.  An online survey has supported this effort.

Other discussions and events being planned include a workshop on instruction and reference for digital resources, jointly sponsored by the CDL Education Working Group and HOPS and tentatively planned for mid June, a meeting with the CDL Users Council, and a workshop with digital resource liaisons.

Reports from these strategy discussions will be shared widely (and announced here in CDLINFO).  Separate regional Digital Library Strategic Forums, such as were held in Spring 1999, are not planned for this year