a. Article-level Links

Beginning on February 3, article-level links appear in displays of article records in the CDL-hosted A&I databases for journals published by Blackwell, Institute of Physics, JSTOR, and Wiley.

b. Title-level Links

Beginning on February 3, title-level links are provided for PIR support for journals published by The Company of Biologists and Kluwer.  These links do not display in the CDL Web interface.  The CDL now offers 2432 journals with article-level and/or journal-level linking support.

c. Elsevier Links: Correction

In the last issue of CDLINFO (3:1), Elsevier article-level and journal-level links were incorrectly attributed to the California Periodicals database.  These links were recently activated from the CDL-hosted A&I databases.  They have been in the PE databases for some time, if campuses have added that information to their PE records.