Production of Shared Cataloging records for CDL electronic journals began in January at UCSD under the direction of Crystal Graham.  CDL’s Beverlee French provides overall coordination of this effort with collections, acquisitions, etc. Rebecca Doherty at the CDL is responsible for file retrieval operations.  The Shared Cataloging files of new records will initially be made available as each package is completed by the Shared Cataloging Unit (for pick up via ftp by the campuses).  The Shared Cataloging Program pilot already completed the Elsevier titles, about 30% of the CDL-licensed journal titles.  Priority will be given first to newly licensed journal packages (e.g., Wiley) and then to legacy packages which represent the most new titles for campuses.

The recently created HOTS subgroup, the Shared Resource Steering Committee, will advise the shared cataloging effort to ensure updating and maintenance of standards and to recommend new classes of items to be cataloged.  In addition, a group of Shared Cataloging Program Systems Liaisons (for file retrieval) is in the process of being confirmed as are Shared Cataloging Program Cataloging Liaisons.  The Systems Liaisons have operational responsibility for managing the files in coordination with campus practices.  The Cataloging Liaisons will respond to the Shared Resource Steering Committee and UCSD as needed and be responsible for distributing information on campus to appropriate staff.  In addition, a general listserv will be established [ ] for any library staff interested in issues for broad discussion and for questions raised in the Shared Cataloging Program.  Finally, relevant documents will be posted on a website that will link from [].

For immediate questions on cataloging, contact Becky Culbertson at UCSD (; for questions on file retrieval, contact Rebecca Doherty at CDL (