The CDL Education Working Group (EWG) and Heads of Public Services (HOPS) are jointly sponsoring a “UC best practices” workshop to address instruction and reference issues for digital resources.  In addition to current practices and strategies, the one-day workshop, being scheduled for June 23rd at a Los Angeles Airport Hotel, will also focus on future developments and on mechanisms for strengthening communication and collaboration among instruction and reference staff across the university.

The program planning committee – Detrice Bankhead (UCSB), Patrick Dawson (UCSB), Ellen Meltzer (UCB) and John Ober (CDL) – have spoken to many interested and involved staff about the structure of the workshop.  Using HOPS and the DLINSTRUCT-L list they will solicit theme-based examples of effective practices to be shared at the workshop.  The workshop’s tentative agenda is being shared widely and is available in the EWG section of the libstaff web site [].