Welcome and thank you to the following new Resource Liaisons:
Karen Andrews (UCD) – Institute of Physics journals
Joan Ariel (UCI) – Contemporary Women’s Issues
Peter Brueggeman (UCSD) – Georef (@Stanford)
Michaelyn Burnette (UCB) – Poole’s Plus: The Digital Index of the Nineteenth Century
Michaelyn will also replace Rienhart Sonneberg as the liaison for MLA at the end of March
Christina Campbell (UCB) – Wiley journals
Janice Contini (UCLA) – MEDLINE/HealthStar
Norma Corral (UCLA) – HAPI Online
Andrea Duda (UCSB) – Blackwell Synergy journals
Norma Kobzina (UCB) – Agricola via COS
Karl Kocher (UCD) – Springer-Verlag journals
Lorna Lueck (UCSB) – PsycINFO
Marion Peters (UCLA) – SciFinder Scholar
Kati Radics (UCLA) – FRANCIS
Beth Weil (UCB) – BIOSIS Previews and Current Contents

The Resource Liaisons are the primary contact for their resource regarding issues such as access problems, enhancement requests, usability issues, and content.  Please continue to use the CDL feedback form or CDL Helpline to report any immediate technical problems.

The CDL Resource Liaisons annual meeting will be held Wednesday, March 29 in Oakland.