Through its various web sites, the CDL provides services and information about its mission and goals to the UC and other communities.  It is vital that the design of all CDL web sites be clear and unambiguous.  These web sites should work together as seamlessly as possible where required.  They should not present any impediments to the effective use of CDL collections and services, and should complement and integrate effectively with campus library web sites.  As the CDL evolves, new tools and services will need to be integrated into its various web sites.  Existing services – such as the CDL-hosted databases web interface and the CDL Directory – will need to be updated and enhanced to include new features and functionality. Certain elements may need to be completely redesigned.

The CDL Web Design Advisory Group has been appointed to advise the CDL on all aspects of interface design and web site integration.  The primary function of this group will be to advise CDL Digital Library Services on the most appropriate ways to integrate new tools and services, to test and evaluate new features, and to provide feedback on important design issues.  This group will also gather feedback from important library constituencies.  More specifically, the CDL Web Design Advisory Group’s charge encompasses all CDL web sites as they relate to the following:

  1. Advise on the appropriate ways to integrate new tools and services.
  2. Test and evaluate new design features and concepts.
  3. Solicit and gather feedback on new design issues from constituent groups.
  4. Provide assistance in the design of new and/or updated navigational schemes, graphics, etc.
  5. Provide guidance and feedback on ADA compliance issues.
  6. Advise on appropriate strategies for the ongoing development and maintenance of the CDL Vocabulary.
  7. Advise on appropriate strategies for the ongoing development and maintenance of campus library additions to the CDL Directory.

CDL Web Design Advisory Group members have been drawn from all aspects of library work, including technical services, bibliography, web management, systems and public services. Since the CDL serves users representing all disciplines within the University, the members are also representative of these major areas of study – arts and humanities, social sciences, and the sciences.  Group members are therefore well-placed to gather input from the various library constituencies they represent.  The current members are:

Pat French, UC Davis
Carlos Rodriguez, UC Riverside
Elizabeth Sibley, UC Berkeley
Lorelei Tanji, UC Irvine
Brian Warling, CDL (Chair)
David Yamamoto, UCLA

More information about the CDL Web Design Advisory Group is available at the following URL: .