Historical Newspapers Online (available at: http://historynews.chadwyck.com/) contains indexes of newspaper articles from The Times® and The New York Times and a substantial portion of full-text for The Times.

It is comprised of 4 databases:
-Palmer’s Index to The Times (coverage: The Times 1790 to 1905)
-The Official Index to The Times (coverage: The Times 1906 to 1980)
-The Historical Index to The New York Times (coverage: 1851 to September 1922)
-Palmer’s Full Text Online (coverage: The Times 1785-1870 full text)

The Palmer’s Index to The Times, Official Index to The Times, and The Historical Index to The New York Times are starting points for students and scholars of all aspects of British life and world affairs in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The three indexes contain records for millions of articles, ranging in topic from the French Revolution to Margaret Thatcher’s first administration.

Palmer’s Full Text Online 1785-1870 enables users to find the full text of every article in every issue of The Times newspaper during one of the most important periods in the social, political and economic development of the industrialized world.  This exciting new resource consists of a fully searchable electronic index to The Times in which each record is linked to a high quality image of the relevant article.  Using Palmer’s Index to The Times, users can move from the index entry directly to any column of any issue of The Times from its foundation as The Daily Universal Register in 1785 up to 1870.

Because portions of Historical Newspapers Online have been tested favorably at several campuses, the CDL consulted with the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections, and was able to pursue a systemwide agreement for this resource.  The CDL funded a one-time ownership fee which, while substantial, included a favorable discount and a three-year waiver on access fees for all campuses.  The additional access to all of the content for all of the campuses is another example of co-investment because the previous investments from several campuses contributed to the discounted purchase price and because access fees will be assumed by the campuses after the initial three years.