The CDL has created the listserv, GENRES-L, to facilitate discussion regarding multi-disciplinary resources.  Any UC staff member can sign-on to the list.

There are a variety of existing methods of communication for databases that are of interest to specific groups, such as Chairs and Conveners of UC Bibliographer Groups, topic specific lists such as the SciFinder Technical contacts, the Social Sciences group, the campus selector groups lists, etc.

However, there is no UC-wide group in place for monitoring, testing, and information dissemination for multi-disciplinary databases such as WorldCat, Web of Science, Current Contents, etc.

ce multi-disciplinary resources are of interest to many in the UC community (collection development people, e.g., bibliographers, as well as public service staff, e.g., Reference desk or Information desk staff) the CDL has created

s list will serve as a method of disseminating information about general interest databases and as a mechanism for recruiting testers from a wide variety of library staff.  Items about general resources that are appropriate for CDL Alert and CDLINFO will continue to appear as usual.  The Resource Liaisons for the multi-disciplinary databases, the Users Council members from the UC campuses, and CDL staff are already on the GENRES-L list.

subscribe to the list:
Send the following line to

For example: SUBSCRIBE GENRES-L Rita Book